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DaCapo Klassik & Jazz – formerly DaCapo KlassiK – was founded in 2007 by the industry gurus Richard Winter and Hans Edlauer, and quickly established itself as one of the most competent record stores in Vienna. Despite all forecasts regarding CDs being an unviable medium – for over a decade one has often heard "No one buys CDs anymore." –  DaCapo has become every music lover’s first choice – especially when it comes to recordings that are difficult to obtain. DaCapo Klassik & Jazz prides itself on being the Store of Music located in the House of Music for residents and visitors of the City of Music.

Today DaCapo Klassik & Jazz is one of the few record-stores in the Viennese city centre that has withstood the passage of time, one of only a handful of CD specialists left in the city. Store Manager and composer Johann Teibenbacher, with decades of experience with classical music, has been part of the DaCapo team for over 14 years now. His expertise and enthusiasm are without a doubt the best guide to the recordings you’ve been looking for. Johann and his team are always happy to talk about what they live for – classical music and all the composer’s and artist’s backstories you won’t learn from an anywhere else. So come and be part of our community!

With Paley Partners Holding GmbH taking over the administration in late 2021, a brand new Jazz section catered and curated by our expert Julian Schönfeld, and a complete renovation of our store in summer 2022, DaCapo Klassik & Jazz is ready to welcome you to every music lover’s dream.


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